You’re the Best

If I told you that you were important would you believe me?
Or would you resist the idea that you hold any significance?
If I told you that you were valuable would you listen?
Or would you deny any notion of your own self-worth?

We all get better when you are at your best.
When you give yourself the permission to be exactly who you
were meant to be, we all benefit.
It inspires the rest of us to allow ourselves to be ourselves.

There’s a treasure of chest of wealth living inside of you.
It waits for you to rediscover it.
This wealth is worth more than all the diamonds in the world.
It’s always been here and it will always stay here.
All you have to do to obtain this is just simply be you.

Accept who you are.
Accept your strengths.
Accept your weaknesses.
Accept that the good days will far outweigh the bad ones.
And please accept your power.

People will tell you that you’re not special.
People will tell you that you’re too entitled.
People will try their best to convince you
to dull down your shine because they are
insecure about themselves.
And these words only become true when you allow them to be
when your doubt gets the better of you.

But despite your doubt being a formidable opponent.
You are still stronger.
You are still smarter.
You are still faster.
You still have the upper hand.
You still have the advantage over your doubt.

Because you’re important
Because you have value
Because you are significant

Because you are you and that’s crucial for the well-being of the rest of us


Please choose your best, many of us are depending on it.

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