Who will be white people GOAT?

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I wish Macklemore did it. He had the chance to do it but then didn’t. Adele kind of did it but then again there’s no such thing as halfway crooks. The open letter to Cary Moon encouraged her to do it. But I doubted she was bout that life.

What I’m referring to is when a white person on a public stage decides to step down to give room for a person of color to step up. Whether that is an award, an election, or even just a job promotion–I wonder when the time will be when a so-called white ally proves their mettle and makes that sacrifice. Where they say, “Hey I get it, I’m white. I acknowledge I have a lot of unearned privilege and there’s also a lot of implicit bias going in my favor. I look like I could be your relative. Because of all of those factors, I’m going to have to pass on this award because (insert POC) deserves this instead.” Next the predominately white audience gasps in shock; an old white lady clutches her pearls–they drop the mic and ride off into the sunset. Although they may have sacrificed in the moment, they will have cemented their legend amongst POC’s forever and eternity. That can get you secret handshakes, keys to the city, and invitations to the cookouts and family gatherings. That person would be included in the debate for white people GOAT (though they’ll still have some stiff competition, especially considering John Brown attempted to start a slave rebellion and Jon B made a banger with Tupac).

Sometimes I feel as if I want this more for them than white people want it for themselves. I still don’t understand how none of them have thought to do it yet? Like what are you waiting for? Go do the right thing and set an example for all of these white kids coming up. But unfortunately, my expectations for white people are rarely met. I believe that is the level of selflessness white people have to bring to the table to get genuine respect out here in these streets. Honestly, that’s not even that much in the grand scheme of things; you’re not risking your life. You won’t lose, in fact you’ll gain more than you could ever imagine.

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