Some of my best friends are white

White Liberals

white liberals are scary
because they think they’re helping
they claim they know what’s best
their suggestions and recommendations
are bubble wrapped with unconscious condescension
just because you’re voting for Bernie Sanders
doesn’t mean you’re not racist
just because you drive a Prius and choose to go green
doesn’t mean you’re not racist
just because you’re a vegan and have a Black neighbor
and your girlfriend is half Asian doesn’t mean you’re not racist
white liberals are terrifying because they
don’t notice how problematic their behavior is
because they have language to articulate what problematic behavior is
acknowledging your privilege is certainly a welcomed step forward
but if you now expect a cookie
I think you’re missing the point
don’t tell me how you’re checking your entitlement
just check your entitlement
step back and stop dominating the conversation
with your ideas about what we should all do
stop making racist jokes because you assume everyone
knows you’re not racist so it’s safe to be offensive
stop taking up so much space on a day to day basis
and for god sakes stop making it about yourself
when a person of color shares their story about racism
just listen and empathize
white liberals want to help decolonize academia
but don’t realize that’s not their fight to face
and get mad if you tell them they can’t
white liberals want to help people of color
but only when it’s convenient for them
white liberals want to be the special white person
that’s down with the Brown
white liberals will like this poem because
they think I’m not talking about them
but only all of the other white liberals
and that’s what make white liberals so scary

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