Poetic Justice for Internet Trolls


You know what happens to the soul

of the troll that leaves racist comments

on the internet when you scroll?

a visit from the devil


the devil tells him today you gonna learn a lesson

so get ready and taste all of your own medicine

the troll arrogant in his ignorance

defiantly claims nothing is gonna happen

in a tone of entitlement and privilege

he believes he’s god’s gift even Jesus is in his image

the devil smiles and says

all of the lies you believe

makes my job that much more sweet

and before the troll could respond with another line

the two of them teleport to another time

first to the plains of Turtle Island

right around the time the white men in blue coats

came through and was wilin’

the devil puts the troll into brown skin and Indigenous garb

and lets him feel the pain of being

humiliated and starved

the devil says feel what it’s like to have your land stolen

have your children mutilated and killed

watch the blood flow from your grandparents

fall to the ground as it spills

the troll is scared but shrugs like he’s just annoyed

the devils continues and says

imagine everything you hold sacred being destroyed

then they disappear


next stop a cotton plantation! the devil shouts

he says here take this hoe and plough

because now troll you’re a slave in the south

the troll wide eye and open with his mouth

wants to say something quick

but before he can his ass is getting terrorized by a whip

for something he didn’t do

but nothing that he said would allow his innocence to be proved

each sting of the lash

drove deep in his back and opened up another gash

the pain is unimaginable he passes out in a flash

next thing he knows it’s nightfall

he’s back in his hut

the troll is sore, scared, and screams out enough is enough

I know what I said earlier was rough

but honestly I don’t really mean much of the stuff

the devil appears and says this part is easy

I hope you’re ready troll

because things are about to get tough

then the troll sees a woman

he’s never met but he can feel that he loves

he doesn’t know why but he knows just because

this must be his wife the love of his life

she’s the only one that understands him

and heals him through all of the plight

because even in the midst of darkness

she’s the person that provides him with light

but there’s hurt and fear in her eyes

for she knows something will happen tonight

her expression spells disaster

and a moment later he realizes

that she will be desecrated and violated by the master

the shadow of the white man approaches the door

the troll screams, “oh my god what else is in store?!”

the devil appears and says well in hell there’s always something more


now the troll is a Japanese grandfather

with his grandchildren

moments before the atomic bomb drops

then explosion comes and then everything stops

this pain is unspeakable everything is so bright he can’t see

but as soon as it comes he’s gone again

now the troll is a Kanaka Maoli being lynched in a tree

his neck snaps, he dies

and his last thought is that he was innocent

but no one hears injustice in his cries


now he’s a Mexican father in prison that’s been wrongfully accused

the prison guards take turns beating him

physically and verbally abused

the troll is completely lost

he’s felt so much pain

there are no words to even begin to explain

he’s isolated and frightened in his cell

10 years later the devil shows up and says

hey what can I say this is hell

the troll has been broken

no longer can you hear the arrogance

from words that he’s spoken

he barely speaks in a mumble

and the devil says okay troll it appears that you’re humbled

you have choices now you can either

learn your lesson and return back to your life

seconds before you wrote out what you typed

or you can rot away here and demons

the size of giants will torture you at night

make your decision be sure that it’s wise

but before the troll can respond

he opens his eyes

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