Google Adsense Jail



So I’ve been placed in Google Adsense jail. My account has been temporarily suspended for 30 days because I violated Adsense program policies. I’ve been warned that if this behavior persists, I’ll permanently be banned from having Google’s ads on the side hustle. Apparently asking your friends and family to click on the ads is not appreciated by Google. They only want, “genuine user interest” when clicking the ads. You have to actually want to know more about car insurance or else you clicking the ad to help support the website is out of pocket. I’m not sure how I feel about this and I’m still processing how to move forward.

A good “friend” of mine recently told me that having ads on my website is in contradiction with the majority of my race/social justice content that I write about. I guess if I’m expounding about how problematic white people are and what POC’s can do about it–ads hurt the overall message. I don’t agree but I get it. Originally when I first signed up for Google Adsense, I felt as if I was crossing the proverbial rubicon. It was the point of no return. I was consciously making the decision to participate in capitalism furthermore than I already am. It made me feel uneasy (my inner 23 year old freshly radicalized about the horrors of capitalism’s intersection with white supremacy revolted at the very idea of making money off of advertisements). How could I be going against all of my principles?

But then I came to terms with the fact that if I’m not actively trying to make money based off of my own talents then my situation will forever remain the same. I’ll continue to be dependent on a 9-5 job for survival. I’ll still be struggling to pay my bills. I’ll still be one paycheck away from the danger zone. I’ll still be overwhelmed with student loans. As a man, I can’t help support my family under those conditions. After weighing out my options, I accepted my decision and decided to keep it pushing. I gotta get money multiple ways because I’m not trying to have someone else be my boss for the rest of my life.

I feel that many millennials engaged in social justice work believe that they must take a vow of poverty in order to be considered legitimate in the eyes of their peers. I find that to be counterproductive. If we live in the U.S. in 2017, the vast majority of us are participating in capitalism in one form or another. We are already complicit with that economic system. There is no way around it. Do I feel that it’s the best, absolutely not. Are there massive wealth disparities that deprive people of basic necessities? unfortunately yes. Should we develop something different that’s more inclusive, communal, and beneficial for the vast majority?– you bet. But until we are able to create the communistic utopia that Marx dreamed of, you and me need to eat.

With that being said, after these 30 days are up, I guess I can’t tell you to click on those ads to support your boy. I guess I can’t tell you that if you were to happen to click on those ads to stay on it longer than a second. I guess I can’t tell you that if you did click on those ads to demonstrate some “genuine user interest” (whatever that means). But I can tell you this; times are tough, go get your money up.

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