5 thoughts about white supremacy, Charlottesville, Donald Trump and white terrorism

5 thoughts about white supremacy, Charlottesville, Donald Trump and white terrorism:

1. White supremacy produces a white mediocrity in many white men. They haven’t had to work as hard or be challenged nearly to their fullest capacity and potential. Without this privilege, any modicum of equity will appear as oppression to them. When playing fields begin to even out; they no longer possess the same competitive edge which exposes the primal fear hibernating in many white people–being dominated for resources. The more the privilege, the higher the chances of this mediocrity occurring. Think how many organizations, businesses, and institutions are operated by mediocre white people that got into the position from privilege rather than their merit and actual skill? What if they actually had to genuinely compete with melanated people that have had to work 10 times harder for half as less? What do you think the results would be? Donald Trump is the symbolic representation of this white mediocrity in leadership.

2. Donald Trump is top 5 worst presidents of all-time. His presidency will definitely be in the debate with the likes of Nixon, Jackson, Hoover, Bush II and Hayes. He has the lowest approval rating of any sitting president (36% mind you). The day he is removed from office has to become a national holiday. It would only be fitting given how many days off he takes to play golf.

3. Don’t be fooled by these overt examples of white supremacy and start thinking that’s the only form. The much more pernicious aspects lay hidden in colorblind language in the policies, culture, and rules of institutions and organizations throughout America. White supremacy is not just alt-right neo-nazis congregating with tiki torches purchased at Home Depot, it’s the school to prison pipeline, police brutality, the concentrations of wealth in white communities, the over representation of white people in media, the prison industrial complex, the gentrification of Brown and Black neighborhoods, its restrictive voting laws, the Eurocentric curriculum taught in school, the disproportionate lenient sentencing in the court system for white people, the war on drugs, the war on terror, sundown towns, its eminent domain, and its images of white Jesus. And of course, it’s Donald Trump.

4. Unadulterated white terrorism is not a new phenomena, rather it’s as American as Apple pie. The Red Summer of 1919. The Tulsa Race Riots of 1921. Watsonville Race Riots of 1930. The Zoot Suit Riots of 1943.¬†And the exhaustive list could go on. The only thing that has changed is social media being able to broadcast it in real time.

5. My allegiance, loyalty, and bias for the solution to ending white supremacy will forever reside in a multicultural, multiracial, and multiethnic coalition between all melanated peoples of color and the sincere white people absolute in their devotion to the cause. If it wasn’t for us, this country could never be the world power it is today. Without us, this country collapses in a month. We are the heart, blood, and soul of this place. It’s time we take the wheel and steer this country in a new direction.

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