Talent+Work Ethic= Success


I woke up this morning with the realization that I’m a few months shy of being a public speaker for an entire decade. That’s 10 years of getting in front of audiences and speaking my truth. I’ve received standing ovations, lukewarm responses, and even struck out more than a few times than I care to admit. It’s hard to believe that that much time has passed since I’ve started. I don’t think I could classify myself as a veteran but certainly I’m no longer a rookie. I feel seasoned like chicken from your auntie’s kitchen.

It’s been a rewarding experience honing my craft. Each day I spend time developing some aspect of it. I recognize I have some talent but I understand that’s not enough. To do something great requires a steady stream of uninterrupted persistence. You can reach a level of success with talent alone, however, in order to sustain it, one must being willing to cultivate skills to build upon this foundation. And there’s only one way of doing that– grinding… every… day.

I remember watching so many people throughout the years whom happen to be quite talented in one way or another apply no extra effort whatsoever. They relied solely on their talent which caused them to never form the necessary discipline to take them over the edge from being really good to exceptionally great. It hurts my heart knowing that there are so many young people that have all of the talent in the world but have not yet established the necessary work ethic to back up that talent. When they do society will change.

One of my main messages I share with anyone willing to listen is to recognize your talent and then get down to the business of mastering it. Stop wasting your time. Stop getting distracted with trivial pursuits that aren’t even fulfilling to you. Get your ten thousand hours in. When a person is able to recognize that they are naturally gifted at something and then backs that up with a fierce dedication to completely mastering that gift, the world shakes in astonishment.

That’s the millennial side hustle. Develop your natural talents to a mastery level. You will feel fulfilled because you are sharing your gifts with the world. People will be inspired by bearing witness to your gifts and perhaps motivate them to do the same thing. It’s a win-win for everyone. Then we are operating in our preeminence. And in order to change this world for the better, we will need an entire generation of people being at their best.

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